Letter of Completion Programs
Letter of Completion Programs
Letter of Completion programs are in-depth studies within a specific Holistic and Natural Health Modality. Vital Connection University has developed these programs in the unit referred to as the "Credit Hour" that gives weighting to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken in a higher-learning educational institution.

These extensive educational programs have specific academic learning outcomes, required practical application, and evaluations that students will complete during their studies. Faculty set clear expectations of the materials that are expected to be learned along with providing the experience for students to become empowered with a base set of skills and practical knowledge during their studies.

Our Letter of Completion Programs can expand your knowledge into other modalities, as many students find them useful in enhancing their careers or to work branch into additional modalities within the holistic and natural health field. Advance your career with us, knowing that we are devoted to consistently bring our students the paramount education in Holistic and Natural Health Programs.
XPR 1, Two, TREE Completion Program
SCIO and QXCI Biofeedback Training

  • Traditional Biofeedback Training
    Instructor: Kathy Wilson, N.D.

    Education: 45 Continuing Education Units
    Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

    The Traditional Biofeedback Training Biofeedback Trainingwill help you to understand biofeedback, how it works with the human body, where we come into play with educating our clients, and how our clients learn to take this information to help themselves lead a healthier, stress free life style. Within this course are 14 modules that includes video, eBooks, assignments, along with a variety of learning activities that are designed to take you into the biofeedback field, and simplify the complex components which make biofeedback work so efficiently.

    We will start with what biofeedback is, the origins of biofeedback and how biofeedback works and then we progress into the different styles of biofeedback and what can be accomplished using this wonderful technique. This class will provide you the foundation to know you have the training necessary and the understanding which is imperative in the field of biofeedback and as a preparation for taking your biofeedback certification test.

    To view the course Syllabus click here.