• Cost: $40.00
    nanoVoice Program
    Instructor: Sharry Edwards, MEd.

    : 2 Continuing Education Units
    Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

    Course Overview

    Your voice can be used as a holographic representation of all that you are, right down to the depths of your soul's intention.

    Are you curious to learn about the areas in your life in which you could excel, what you need to know to move ahead, who you are compatible with, why you can't lose weight? These and other questions can be answered using the secret codes hidden within the notes and frequencies of your voice. Just like a song, you voice contains notes that correspond to your mood, intention and health.

    Your Voice can be used to reveal who you are, deep down, at the soul level. Use the software that is included as part of this course to evaluate your own voice, your family, your competition, your enemies, your partner or your government officials. Your Voice knows the secrets of your intention even though you may not have conscious awareness of what you really want. Make your life decisions based on the Truth about the intentions of others.

    We will show you how to use and interpret the program, how to utilize it during phone conversations or from a recording. Unless you are ready to face the Truth about those around you, be ready if you take this course. It is life changing!
  • Tired of Hearing About Swine Flu? Do Something About it Course
    Instructor: Sharry Edwards, MEd.

    Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
    Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

    Course Overview

    Is this Swine Flu outbreak a scam or a slam on the intelligence of the American Public? Those who have perpetrated this calamity want us to believe that we have no options, and that is the scare. To think that we must surrender to the vaccinations, fight over a shortage of antibiotics and potentially be subjected to draconian dictates that we don't agree with; "voluntarily" submit to the shot or be fined $1,000 a day until you do.

    Personally, I have had enough, and i think others have too. I believe that this threatened pandemic has been blown out of proportion, bit I do believe in being prepared, just in case. So I am going to use the tenets of BioAcoustic Biology and tell all. I am going to reveal the actual frequencies of the current swine flu, share information about the antidotes and activators. These are not the same as the Rife Frequencies of the early 1900's - only one of those frequencies has any relationship to this mutates Swine flu presently being experienced.

    For many years, my company The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, has been at the forefront of research dealing with functional outcomes for frequency medicine. We have discovered a way to control the frequency information patterns of the body which support the body to return to optimal form and function. We have been able to help the body reverse Tamiflu resistant, confirmed Swine Flu for an emergency room physician and his family. We realize that these frequencies are still experimental, but we do know that reversals of herpes, Epstein Barr, Chlamydia, Pneumonia, Candida, Common Colds and Flues have been reported using these same BioAcoustic protocols. Extrapolating from this data and using the newly decoded Swine Flu frequencies we are ready to share this information and the accompanying software with the public. Yes, we are going to give away the software and teach people how to use it during this course. If you want to use the software, you must register early to fulfill the prerequisites.

    *Frequency Equivalent - A Numeric representation of emotions, structures, biochemestry, proteins, genomes, receptors, toxins, pathogins and processes associates with optimalform and function of the human body.