Archived Courses
Archived Courses
Archived Courses give students the opportunity to choose what they are interested in learning and learn at their own pace, on their own time, anywhere.

An Archived Course is essentially the same as a Live Course, the only difference is: the video is a recording of the Live Course and students do not have a specific time and date to attend the course. The goal is to provide access to students who are not able to attend a Live Course, students need the flexibility to study at home whenever it is convenient for them to do so.

Our Archived Courses have numerous multi-media elements that students experience throughout their education. Some of these basic elements includes: video, down-loadable eBooks, course certificate and a variety of other learning activities and resources. Vital Connection University provides students with 'on-demand' option to integrate holistic and natural health education into their busy lives from our knowledgeable faculty.
Ralph Fucetola, J.D.
Kathy Wilson, N.D., M.I.
Levi Baxa, Q.B.S., H.T.C.
Adam Mandel, Q.B.S.
Caroline Bayard, D.D., D.S.T.
Barry Rosenstreich, Lic. L.L.C.
Nicole Tucker, C.A., C.R.
William Fanning, R.W.C., H.T.C.
Sharry Edwards, MEd.
Louise Swartswalter, N.D.
Diane Bargonetti, N.D., C.T.N.
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Dave & Erina Cowan
William Cunningham, R.W.C., H.T.C.