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Vital Connection University News Release
by Vital Connection - Thursday, April 22, 2010, 11:40 AM
April 22, 2010

Today, Austin, TX based emPOwering NOW announced a new strategic partnership with online university Vital Connection. The partnership provides students the opportunity to experience emPOwering NOW’s entry course entitled XPR 1, Two, TREE through Vital Connection University's internet-based learning infrastructure - which provides students with a multi-media course format.

emPOwering NOW founders will be hosting a series of free introduction classes in order to introduce the public to the Path of XPR—emPOwering NOW’s curriculum of light. Titled “The BIG Question,” the first eXPeRiential introduction is scheduled for Thursday; May 6, 2010 at 6 p.m. Mountain Time (5:00 p.m. Pacific, 7 p.m. Central, & 8 p.m. Eastern).

The BIG Question

Being a professional of communication or a holistic practitioner, it is likely that you have heard that “beliefs create reality.” If so, let’s us raise the ante by adding the following statement: Communication is not what is said and done but the results of what is said and done.

What would it mean for you and your clients and other loved ones if there was a path to effectively remove all blocks to clear and clean communication? How would your mission and your deep heart desire to make a difference in the world be affected by your being able to sustainably hear and speak your true voice? Ultimately, what would it mean to you to wake up to who you are?

  1. Discover a technology that frees the soul of languaging, bringing you and your clients to organically eradicate the hesitating and/or the pushing patterns that prevent your communication from being fully received.
  2. Learn how to let go of using forced discipline to accomplish a goal, but rather have your effectiveness come spontaneously, as you will hear yourself from within.
  3. Connect to hearing your true self and by extension others as you come to know what spiritual masters meant when speaking of the creative power of the Word.
  4. Watch life increasingly becoming kind, easy and fun—all the time!

This offering revives the beautiful mind in you. The mind which knows that authentic communication is in service to the heart. Step into the flow, energized and empowered to pioneer a world where the expression of honesty and compassion prevail.

To register for this FREE Live Online Course, you can click here to register:

Note: There is only 98 places available for the Live Online Course, roughly 1 hour after the conclusion of the Live Online Course the recording will be available for ALL students.

About emPOwering NOW

emPOwering NOW is a futuristic training and human development firm providing content, lectures, coaching services and courses on integrity (the quality of being entire. The company offers radical solutions to the ongoing issues involving the sustainability of human resources. The mission of emPOwering NOW is to bring forth the Path of XPR to empower leaders and visionaries to receive, develop and maintain the state of mind where all things are possible.

The Mission of XPR: The Mission of XPR® in the world is to reveal the inherent order in the chaos of intellectual knowledge. When we perceive that there is a universal path to hearing and seeing the soul of perennial truths, the invisible and the visible merge, the hunger for love is satiated, integrity is naturally embodied, and an awake civilization emerges.

emPOwering NOW Website:

About the Founders

Mahalene Louis is the co-founder of emPOwering NOW, a Futurist, a Symbologist, an Artist and an XPR Advisor. She wrote a five-book series Healing the Jewish / Collective Agenda; if it weren't for family, food, sex and money, I would do great on Earth! She authored the Path of XPR as a result of 25 years dedicated to self-knowledge, through the embodied study of languages, religions, creativity, fine arts, nutrition, science and human development. It is through devoted inquiry and faithful listening that Maha opened for the breakthrough of the LOVE QKode—the key to transmitting the XPR potency. In her own words: ‘I can recall the joy of seeing that the letters of “LOVE” as Leader, Officer, Visionary, and Engineer were the exact transmission of the most potent 4-letter Name for “God” in Hebrew!’

Michael Wolf is the CEO of emPOwering NOW. Besides being an entrepreneur he is also Stress Management Specialist, an XPR Advisor. For nineteen years, he was a successful sales and marketing executive with blue chip companies including Xerox, Parametric Technology Corporation, i2, and Vignette. During those years, he developed, and honed his skills for facilitating global change and individual transformation. Michael embodies a broad and deep background in both public and private sector change. In 2002 after a life changing experience in Hawaii, the entire course of his life shifted from scaling the corporate ladder towards servant leadership of a global community. In his own words, "My life's work is empowering humanity, and it is my heartfelt sense that the revelation of the Path of XPR does just that!"