Each course in our Virtual Learning Environment contains similar objects, but may look completely different depending upon how the course is set-up, from the learning activities you will need to complete to the management of your education while you are in the course.

There are two basic elements in our Virtual Learning Environment within the courses, called Topics and Blocks. Let's take a look at Course Topics and Blocks in more detail:

Course Topics

Topics contain your learning activities where you will be involved in videos, eBooks, assessments, etc., which make up the online elements of your course. The Topics reside in the center of the your course web page. The column may vary in length depending on the course and its learning activities.

Course Blocks

Blocks are literally blocks within the course that are used for educational resources and tools for you to manage your education. These blocks are located in the side bars (right & left columns) in all of the courses when you are in your course. They provide you with additional resources and easier user-navigation while you are completing your course.

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