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Online education offers an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their educational goals at times and locations that are convenient for them. We realize that unforeseen circumstances may arise that might interrupt your studies, so we have outlined our policies to ensure clarity when issues arise.

Please Note: Vital Connection University (http://www.vitalconnectionuniversity.com) processes the online tuition payments for students, so Vital Connection University will be displayed on the credit/debit card statement when you enroll in a course.

Enrollment Duration
Our Virtual Learning Environment allows students to integrate education into their busy lives without the hassles of commuting and meeting external deadlines...education that works with your schedule:

Enrollment Duration

Ninety (90) Day Enrollment Period is the standard enrollment duration. The enrollment period begins on the date/time your tuition is paid (unless otherwise stated).

Please Note: An email notification will be sent to you upon your enrollment in a course. You will also receive notification of your enrollment expiration (this is when you are un-enrolled from your course), this will be sent enough in-advance where you can complete/review your course.

Tuition Refund Policy
If you need to drop a course, you must be aware of our Tuition Refund Policy. Students are eligible to receive a refund for tuition when the course(s) are dropped in accordance with the following Tuition Refund Policy.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition Refunds will only be issued within seven (7) days of enrollment, less a twenty-five percent (25%) refund service fee of the tuition amount.

Please Note: To initiate a refund of tuition paid, you must contact Technical Support to begin the refund process, you will need to include: your name, organization, email address, date of enrollment, and the name of the course that you were enrolled in.
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