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Vital Connection University
P.O. Box 20233
Boulder, Colo 80308

Need assistance? Our team is here to support you! Please, feel free to contact us with any service questions, partnerships, proposals, or media inquiries, and we appreciate all support and comments. If you are having a technical issue, please contact the Technical Support with the provided information below.

Technical Support


Our Technical Support team is standing by to help you via email immediately, and as well as appointment-based, phone technical support. We take your time very seriously, and therefore consider it important to understand that you may be able to easily 'fix' the technical issue by using our provided self-help Student FAQ's.

Otherwise, here is a list of just a few items that our team is ready to help you if you experience any technical issues throughout your education:
  • Refunds and Enrollment Questions
  • Error Messages
  • General Technical Questions
  • Searching Courses
  • Website Navigation
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Student FAQ's)
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