About Our Education
Online Education
Pencils and books are not enough in today's education - we are faced with the challenge of finding creative ways to keep students engaged through inventive uses of technology and make learning not feel like learning. An important educational philosophy to keep in mind is: 'to use variety, by utilizing various medias within education' - student attention is grasped and knowledge is embodied.

The idea of using 'multi-media' is: media and content that uses a combination of diverse content forms, this content is transformed into dynamic learning activities and resources that make up your course. Digital media (video, audio, etc.) is the backbone-content used in the course, this is the primary means to 'exchange knowledge' in our student's education.

Multi-media courses create an 'educational experience' that delivers students an 'active' educational-media experience via Internet access. This provides a vibrant course that is seen as an ongoing, empowering experience that supports a student to achieve their goals.

What should I expect in a course...

Each multi-media course contains a video and/or audio lecture that is supplemented by an eBook, along with numerous learning activities and resources. Our education is entirely self-paced, which means anyone can enroll - at anytime, and finish the course within the enrollment duration. Please review the Enrollment Policies.

Online education is a fraction of the cost compared to the amount of time and money it takes to commute to a physical location. Our faculty has the knowledge and understanding that enables them to share their valuable real-world experience - to empower you to apply what is learned in your education.
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